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Our Story, Our Vision
When you need a full-service strategic marketing plan, your first step is choosing the right company to help you create it. Seven Ink Design is an independent design studio specializing in strategic marketing and communications planning, branding and corporate identity development, graphic design and logo creation, and web solutions. We create memorable brands that allow our clients to be seen and be remembered. We use that branding to develop your individual marketing and communications plans, always keeping in mind the most effective way for you to invest your advertising dollars.

Seven Ink Design offers a sound understanding of marketing and design standards in various fields from industrial to manufacturing, commercial to retail, non-profit to consultancies. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand how to think outside the box to make our clients' business communications unique.

Think Strategic. Look Unique. Be Extraordinary. Hire Seven Ink Design today!

Our Identity
Seven: The number seven is considered magical in many cultures. There aren't nine or four wonders of the world, but seven. The Ancient Greeks believed the number seven to be the representation of perfection and plenty. At Seven Ink Design we use strategic creativity to parallel that greatness and strive for perfection.

Ink: Ink is the traditional medium that has allowed us to take those invisible thoughts in our mind and put them on paper, transforming them into some tangible, something we can share with others.

Design: We use our design principles as a focus to bring about better branding and corporate identity. It's not just about a pretty logo… it is about thinking strategically, looking unique and being extraordinary.

Our History
Seven Ink Design Ltd. was established in 2002, and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Continue your tour of our site with a look at our portfolio and case studies, or consider our offer.






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