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Branding & Corporate Identity Development
At Seven Ink Design, our goal is to create a corporate identity that increases awareness of your company and establishes a connection between your organization and your target audience. Successful design must be unique, memorable, and reflective of your industry and your audience. Some of our key services include:

Logo Design
The logo is the single most important element of corporate identity. It will be incorporated into all marketing and communication created for your company, and it communicates a message to your audience. Is your message accidental, or on purpose? A good logo isn't about what the company does; it's about values and attitude. Through design, you can identify the company to its clients and audiences through a well-designed logo, helping a company present its product to its potential target audience and get attention despite a crowded marketplace.

Business Cards & Stationary
Designing supporting materials such as business cards and stationary are an essential element to any corporate identity package.

Powerpoint Template
A basic PowerPoint template is a great way to standardize your company presentations.

Thank You Cards & Postcards
Sending a personal note through the mail is an effective way to follow up on new contacts, keep in touch with old ones, and make your clients feel the like the special people they are.

A tagline is a great way to convey the essence of your business in a nutshell. Crafting the perfect tagline is an art form. It must have impact and carry meaning in only a handful of words...or less! Professional copywriters combine common words to create catchy sayings that reflect the company and send a distinct message.

Graphic Standards Manual & Logo Usage Guidelines
Once a successful brand or identity is created, it is important to ensure members of your organization are made aware of the rules and guidelines surrounding the use of the logo and supporting materials. With this guideline everyone is clear on the proper use of all the materials provided.






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