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Strategic Marketing & Communications Planning
Strategic communications is the process of researching and analyzing a company's current situation in order to target the perfect audience and reach them with a specific message that will bring about the desired response. Good strategic communication planning provides business owners with an in-depth perspective of their industry and their business, providing a foundation for developing targeted campaigns.

Why is this important? A strategic plan allows you to determine the most cost effective way to allocate your marketing dollars. You want return on investment. You want results. Planning helps build and reinforce your brand by ensuring you have consistency in your messaging and overall identity.

At Seven Ink Design, aspects of strategic communications are embedded in everything we do for our clients. We know that our work needs to reflect your overall communication goals and we can help you plan and execute a comprehensive strategy to make a positive impact on your company's success. Some of our key services include:

Strategic Marketing & Communications Plans (short & long term)
We translate your organization's strategic objectives into actionable and effective initiatives. Here's how we structure our service:

Situation Analysis & Work Plan: Our first step is an important one. We study your objectives and budget, as well as the company's strengths, weaknesses, client base, and competition. We gauge where your organization currently sits within your given industry, and compare it to where you want to see it go.

Planning for Success: We take our findings from the Situation Analysis and define your key goals and objectives. From there we understand what steps are required and what weaknesses we need to overcome to put the strategy into action. At this point in the process we develop tactical tools and creative solutions, piecing together a detailed plan for success.

Marketing & Communications: Now we can implement the recommended marketing initiatives and measure success against any pre-established metric, so we can adjust and refine any areas that need it.

Results: The result is workable solutions that position your company in a way that will improve your profile, communicate your message effectively, and allow you to become a leader in your industry. It is results like this that give you a great return on your investment.

Corporate Trade Shows & Event Strategy

Product & Program Launch Strategy

Promotional Campaigns

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