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Web Solutions
Websites are now vital in today's market, to the extent that many businesses use them as their sole marketing, sales, and communications tool. When browsing the internet, users will spend a maximum of 10 seconds on a website before forming an opinion about the company. This is called the '10 second window'. In this brief time customers form conclusions on company size, product range, product offering, brand, and price. This means you only have 10 seconds to grab the attention of the consumer and convince them they are in the right place.

At Seven Ink Design we understand how crucial a good website is for your company. They are the new shop window for businesses worldwide, and to be competitive the structure, design, and content of your site must be a clear, targeted reflection of your company. The copy must speak to the needs of the potential client, not just offer empty platitudes. The graphics must match the tone and style of your company. Some of our key services include:

Domain Registration & Hosting Packages
In order for your website to be live and on the internet, there are two separate services you must purchase. The first is your domain name; this is the URL of your site ( The second is a hosting package; this is a little piece of virtual space that your website occupies. Registering a domain name or purchasing a hosting package can be done through hundreds of different companies on the web, or you may have Seven Ink Design take care of it for you, ensuring you have the appropriate package for the planned website.

Navigation Development
Good navigation is the cornerstone to a successful website. You should always remember that a website is designed for the visitor, not so much for your own tastes. People visit websites in search of information, so we must structure your site so visitors can locate what they came for quickly. If a potential client has to drill down through three or four sub-menus, they may click away, and you will have lost a potential customer to a competitor with better navigational structure.

Website design is often the first impression a client or consumer has of your company. Design also works to keep a visitor on your site. Good design articulates your corporate brand so that visitors 'feel' the personality of your company, visually. Whether you require a clean simple corporate site or a colourful, high energy design, Seven Ink Design works with you to bring your vision alive.

Images, Graphics, & Media
Depending on the purpose of your site, most companies do not want to overload their viewers with pages upon pages of text. Whether it is an interactive flowchart, an online gallery, or an embedded video, visual aids are often used to supplement text and keep your user engaged.

Copywriting is the craft of finding the best words to have the most impact on the targeted audience. The most effective copywriting does so with the least amount of words. Being concise and finding the perfect tone to match the style of a company's brand brings the copy to life, making it worthwhile and easy to read.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Once your website has been launched, how will people find you? Online technology can be a powerful tool in building or reinforcing your brand, but without the traffic at the front door, your website is ineffective. SEO techniques allow us to control where your website ranks on some of the most popular search engines. At Seven Ink Design we understand SEO requires a thorough understanding of how different search engines functions, and what elements must be added or eliminated from your site to ensure you have a top ranking.

Content Management Options
For most businesses it is important to maintain up-to-date content on your websites. Current content is essential because of the impact on customer perceptions of your business. Outdated details can make a business appear unprofessional. Also, timely updates of information provide customers a reason to return to your website. It can also promote positive word-of-mouth, the most effective kind of advertising. Seven Ink Design offers several different options to aid in helping you manage the content of your site:

Content Management System (CMS)
Our team of skilled developers can custom build your site allowing you the ability to edit content and images throughout your site with no web editing experience. Simply using your web browser you are able to ensure your content is up to date.

Monthly or Hourly Contracts
Depending on the frequency of your web updates, Seven Ink Design can be contracted hourly or monthly to ensure your website is always current and up to date.






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