Advertising isn’t a science. It’s persuasion. And persuasion is an art.


Your website is the most powerful marketing tool in the toolbox.

All your marketing efforts – blog posts, social media content, advertising campaigns – direct traffic to one place: your website. At Seven Ink Design, we understand the importance of effective web presence. Websites are the heart of your digital marketing plan. They are crucial in virtually introducing your brand to the world and promoting your business 24/7. And amongst millions of sites out there, you need to stand out.

Research shows, when browsing the web, users will spend a maximum of 10 seconds on a site before forming an opinion about the company. This is called the ’10 second window’. It’s a 10 second opportunity to introduce your company, your brand and convince the consumer they are in the right place.

The internet is a mammoth space filled with, literally, millions of storefronts. When someone lands on your site, you have only a few seconds to make a first impression and grab their attention.

Let Seven Ink Design help create a clear, targeted site that reflects your brand and speaks to your clients.


Good navigation is the backbone of a successful website. People want to find information quickly and easily. Determining how to organize your site content is an essential first-step.


This must reflect your brand. All the visual decisions that brought your company to life, need to be reflected in the site graphics. Successful design uses brand elements in the layout, while still prioritizing functionality.


Having meaningful, valuable content is what keeps customers returning to your site. Content must be clear and focused to maintain engagement. Seven Ink Design offers copywriting services to craft the perfect verbiage for each page.


Ensure your site is optimized for mobile viewing – phones, tablets – 50% of people are browsing with these technologies.


Now that your site is live, let’s get traffic to the front door. SEO is a science. It’s a combination of strategies and techniques that all come together to determine your search engine ranking.



Ensure visitors come back with regular updates to content. Seven Ink Design offers several options to help make it easier for your organization to stay fresh.

Third Party Software (WordPress & Wix)

Building a site using third party software (such as WordPress or Wix) allows us to hand over the reins once the site is live. Fully manage your own content by logging on through your web browser.

We can help!

Seven Ink Design can handle all your web changes. Hourly or monthly contracts are available to ensure your website is always current and up to date.

Custom CMS

Our team of skilled developers can build a custom site allowing you the ability to edit content and images throughout the site with no web editing experience. Simply using your web browser you have full access.

New site? Redesign? We can help.